Work and Activities

This is how we work

Our day-to-day activities

Sustainable Transport Midlands has many different lines of work. From running network improvement projects, to developing strategies for investment, we are a diverse transport innovation group.

Projects are our main line of work

Projects are STM's most common line of work, and development of them are governed by an internal Project Development Strategy. Each project is appointed a "Project Executive" who is in charge of the project through it's entire lifespan.


We have a vision for our transport network by 2050. We've developed more than 20 policies which we think Government should follow in England to ensure we can live a green and sustainable future.

STM Publications

We're currently working on developing a brand new organisation unit - publications. We're starting small, by introducing an online blog produced by our volunteers, focussing on transport issues and our projects.

Eventually, we'd like to introduce a weekly newsletter covering what Sustainable Transport Midlands has been up to, throughout the organisation.