Work and Activities

This is how we work

Our day-to-day activities

From projects and campaigns to strategies and supporting third-parties, STM is a wide-reaching transport innovation group. We don't just campaign - we develop and inform the industry.

Active Projects

Active Projects are made up of a number of different layers

Projects are how STM run their own campaigns and it's our most common activity. It could include a line electrification project, a new station, or even a new railway line or tram network.

Active Projects operate within Sustainable Transport Midlands with two main committees. The first one, the Management Committee, is chaired by the Project Executive, and reports back to the Chief Executive or Regional Cabinet Executive.

Underneath the Management Committee lies a Central Stakeholder Committee, made up of external stakeholders, and is usually chaired by either the Principal Sponsor of a project, or the Project Executive.

Active projects

We have a variety of currently active projects which you can learn more about through the Active Projects page.

Developing Projects

When we notice a problem with our network, and identify a solution, we run it through what we call the Project Development Process, which is governed by our internal Project Development Strategy. This strategy includes everything a Shadow Project Executive needs to know about developing and launching a project.

Project Partnerships

We occasionally partner with external projects to support them. We have a database and details on how we do this on our Project Partnerships page.

STM Strategies

We are currently consulting on new industry strategies, which will be released in the next twelve months. To learn more about the exact strategies we're consulting on, please visit the dedicated Strategies page.