Board of Directors

The highest legal committee in Sustainable Transport Midlands.


 <a href=""><u>Harry Burr</u></a>
Harry Burr
Non-executive Director

Also holds the position of Chief Executive

 <a href=""><u>Stephen Chaytow</u></a>
Stephen Chaytow
Non-executive Director
 <a href=""><u>Gareth Dennis</u></a>
Gareth Dennis
Non-executive Director
 <a href=""><u>Owen O'Neill</u></a>
Owen O'Neill
Non-executive Director
 <a href=""><u>John Tippett</u></a>
John Tippett
Non-executive Director


Our Board of Directors is the highest ranking legal committee within Sustainable Transport Midlands. The board is responsible for ensuring STM complies with legal requirements, such as filing accounts, as well as approving the Yearly Business Plan and any new projects.