Where we come from

Our history

We have a short, but major history.

Sustainable Transport Midlands has been through a lot in the last year, from rebranding's to new projects. Here's how we've got to where we are now.

Weedon Station Project is formed
July 2020
Sustainable Transport Holdings is formed, with STNorthants as a subsidiary
August 2020
MK Tram v1 is dissolved, along with Tarka Extension + BAN-MKC
February 2021
Weedon Station Project is renamed "Daventry Parkway Project"
April 2021
Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire is formed
August 2020
Milton Keynes Tram v1, BAN-MKC and Tarka Extension projects begin
December 2020
Sustainable Transport Holdings is dissolved, replaced by STNorthants
March 2021
West (South) Northants Link is dissolved
May 2021
South Northants Link Project begins
October 2020
We form Lutterworth Line within STN, and South Midlands Tram project begins.
February 2021
Lutterworth Line transfers out, and STN is rebranded to Sustainable Transport Midlands
April 2021
MK:Tram (new) project begins
June 2021
Our rebranding

When we were rebranded

Sustainable Transport Midlands were rebranded from Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire in early 2021.


This page was last updated on 8th August 2021.

by Sustainable Transport Digital Service

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