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Established in 2020

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Sustainable Transport Midlands is a UK transport campaigning group.


Sustainable Transport Midlands is campaigning for 9 schemes

Sustainable Transport Midlands are currently campaigning for 3 new rail and bus-based public transport improvement schemes.

Sustainable Transport Midlands was founded by me, Harry Burr, in early 2020 during the first Coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

It started with the Weedon Station Project, which got an early boost of attention from the press, MPs, and other local people and local councils. In August of that same year, I decided to branch into different local projects. I started with South Northants Link, a campaign to relink Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa with a new transport link.





As we approach almost a year of existence, we can look back and see what we’ve accomplished.

We are the number one result on Google and Bing search engines, we now have so many contacts in the rail industry, and at local and national Government, and we are looking to expand even more. We are redeveloping when we need to, and wasting no time in doing so. We are actively campaigning for four new concepts to become a reality (as of Mar 2021), and we are accepting volunteers to assist us in this and all other areas of our organisations. We’re approaching registration as a charity, finally, and we have applied for Government funding for Lutterworth Line.

Established in 2020

Our history of new projects

Weedon Station Project

July 2020

South Northants Link

September 2020

Lutterworth Line

February 2021

The future...
What's in the works

The future

Plus, we have so many new things in the works, that we just can’t wait to show you. New divisions, new concepts, new proposals. We’re even working on redeveloping the entire organisation, from new logos, to new websites. It’s gonna be great. Sustainable Transport Midlands isn’t just a local campaigning group anymore, it’s a national not-for-profit, and soon, it will be even more than that.

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