What we do

Established in 2020

What we do

Sustainable Transport Midlands are a UK transport campaigning charity, based in Northampton.


The Midlands' transport campaigning organisation.

Sustainable Transport Midlands is our regions voice for transport at a higher level. We try to make change not just regionally and locally, but nationally too.

We have a short, but major history.

Sustainable Transport Midlands' operations started even before the organisation was formed, with Weedon Station Project, now known as Daventry Parkway Project. From organisational rebrands and revamps, and hosting a Restoring Your Railway fund applicant, we have a short, but major history.

Sustainable Transport Midlands are growing

We're not just in the Midlands now. STM are campaigning for schemes in Buckinghamshire, and preparing launch for campaigns in counties such as Kent and the Isle of Wight, and this isn't our limit just yet.

Our structure

How we operate

Sustainable Transport Midlands is at the top of our campaigning "food chain", while campaigns are directly underneath us, and partners right beside us. We also host internal departments, which operate for the benefits of our volunteers.

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