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Sustainable Transport Midlands are growing at a rapid pace, and as part of that expansion, we'd like to grow our new, innovative, and enthusiastic team. Please get involved and volunteer with us!


Why volunteer with STM?

There are so many reasons to join our team. From gaining experience to working to develop your transport network, there's no better time to join our team. We're growing rapidly, and we're prepared to give our volunteers the best experience possible. We work with a variety of organisations when delivering our schemes.

Who is STM looking for?

We’re mostly made up of younger volunteers – for example, college and university students. However – we encourage people of all ages to join us, to build a diverse and determined Sustainable Transport Midlands.

We're a changing organisation, and we’re only growing and expanding – we can’t wait, and we hope you join us on this very long but very exciting journey to ensure we grow as much as possible throughout the next two to three years.

I'm ready - let's get started!

We're so happy you're interested in joining our team! We've split our volunteer scheme into several sub-schemes, to make applying even easier. Please pick what you'd like to do within STM, and we'll take you to the right scheme.

If you'd like to develop a project, the Project Development Scheme is probably your best bet! Our Project Development Scheme allows you to work through our flexible Project Development Process, and work on one of our developing schemes as a Shadow Project Executive. We give you independence and advice in this process.

Project Development Scheme

If you'd like to manage other people, becoming a Cabinet Executive within Sustainable Transport Midlands is definitely the way to go. Cabinet Executives report to the Chief Executive, and attend Cabinet meetings. They have the most responsibility of anyone within the organisation, excluding the CEO.

Cabinet Executive Appointment Scheme

We currently offer volunteer positions in the following sectors outside of the transportation industry:

  • Digital and IT
  • Branding and Design
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (Volunteer Management)
  • Research
  • Government and Stakeholder Relations
  • Public Relations

All of these positions are Cabinet Executive posts, so please visit the Cabinet Executive Appointment Scheme to learn more about it.

Cabinet Executive Appointment Scheme

Our General Officer positions have much more flexibility, and don't require as much time commitment as our other roles. GOs report to Cabinet Executives, and have nicher responsibilities.

General Officer Appointment Scheme

Joining our team

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still curious, then please browse our FAQs!

All volunteers #WfH! We don't have any office space (yet), but we encourage you to meet with your local Sustainable Transport Midlands and work together occasionally. For meetings and work events, you may need to travel - however, we will encourage you to do this via sustainable means, such as walking or taking the train.

We use Google tools to keep in touch, such as Google Chat, Meet, and collaboration tools on Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets). We use our own webmail to communicate via email when needed, but we'll always prefer direct messaging via Google Chat for internal comms.

When you join STM, you will be setup with a fortnightly meeting with either your direct report or the Chief Executive.

Oh, we're really flexible! You're given your first task as soon as your application is approved. This may be writing a Concept Outline, or editing a website. We give you a long time to complete tasks - we rarely set deadlines. 

To learn more about our structure, please visit our Team page: