For this generation, by this generation

Volunteer Students.

We value the potential that students of all ages bring to this industry. From secondary school leavers, to college and university students, we believe in the young generation. This inspired our motto - For this generation, by this generation.

Flexibility for students.

We understand the amount of pressure students - especially those undertaking GCSEs, A-levels, and other examinations, may be under. As a result, we try to be even more flexible than we already are with students, to ensure they can succeed in education and with their future careers.

We also understand the effect school may have on stress levels and mental health. It’s in our blood to be understanding, caring, and inclusive, so whenever you need to talk to someone, our kind-hearted team members are here to help you. If you need to take time away from Sustainable Transport Midlands, we can also arrange a temporary leave of absence.

Supporting career development.

Especially for younger students just getting into their career, a volunteer placement with Sustainable Transport Midlands can be a great start. From gaining useful experience through visits and new contacts, to benefitting your community through a volunteer role.

Sustainable Transport Midlands volunteer roles can look invaluable on a CV, and can support you through application processes for further education, jobs, and further volunteering opportunities.

Working with educational institutions.

We work with education institutions, including MATs, Universities, Colleges and Academies to support their transport curriculum and promote our volunteering schemes.

Most recently, we have been working with the University of Northampton (UoN) on promoting our volunteering scheme internally within Waterside Campus, as well as developing STM as an organisation utilising resources within the University.