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Volunteer Benefits.

From meeting like-minded people, to experiencing new unique opportunities, there are so many benefits to volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands, no matter which position you apply for.

Meet like-minded people.

By volunteering with us, you are helping us build our team, which is collaborative and sociable. Through our volunteering programme, you can meet people just like you, and make friends. We promote collaboration and togetherness, including meeting out-of-work, and within social times.

You can also learn from people in other areas of the organisation, too. From politics to permanent way, and the economy to the environment, our volunteers are skilled and well-knowledged.

Experience unique opportunities.

From appearing on TV, to visiting important industry organisations such as Train Operating Companies and Sub-national Transport Bodies, there are so many experiences you can gain from volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands. Not only are these experiences fun and enjoyable, but they can also look great on a CV, and it’s another place where you can learn about our industry.

You can make life-long contacts with our partners and stakeholders, which can lead to better career prospects, and better integration with our industry.

Benefit your community.

Of course, you will also benefit your community, even if you choose to go into a back-end role. We’re all about supporting the development of our Midlands region, and the wider English regions, so whatever you do within Sustainable Transport Midlands, from an executive role to an agent position, you’re helping your economy, your environment, and your links to the rest of the UK.

Your community will thank you. Transport is a vital piece of national infrastructure that needs continued development and enhancements.

Make your opinion known.

As a volunteer with Sustainable Transport Midlands, you'll be able to (with prior approval) post on our public volunteer blog platform. From commenting on national projects, to voicing your opinion on consultations, it's a great way to express your interest and opinion.