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IDEA - STM's volunteer scheme
Hi! Welcome to IDEA by STM.

We appreciate your interest in joining STM’s volunteer team. Whether you’re an avid campaigner looking for a change, or a university student who needs some experience in the world of transport, lobbying, or even politics – this may just be the best sort of volunteer role for you!

IDEA is a wide volunteering scheme. From general campaigners and technical analysers, to Chief Officers for digital, PR, and communications, we have almost any role you can think of open, ready for you to apply for!

STM would like to reach 15 volunteers on our books by the end of 2022, as part of our “Hello, 2022” strategy, and fifty by the end of 2023 – a lot more of an ambitious target!

Let’s guide you through how to apply for one of our roles, and how volunteering with us works. To jump to a section, use our table of contents tool on the left-hand side.

Is volunteering with STM the right move for you? We want to make sure it is - read through this page before you consider applying for a role, and once you're positive we suit you, apply for a role! If you're not sure, please get in touch with our team by visiting our "Contact us" page under "Get involved" in the menu.
Find a role
Next, you need to consider which type of role would suit you at Sustainable Transport Midlands. Luckily, we have information about this on this page of our website. Just use our "Contents" section on the left to find the information you're looking for.
Express your interest
This step is the most important - making sure we know you're interested in a role with Sustainable Transport Midlands. To ensure we know, please fill out our "EoI, Expression of Interest" form. We don't ask much of you at the start, don't worry!
Virtual meeting
The penultimate step is carrying out a virtual meeting with you, to determine which role you'd fit into best. Please note this is not an interview. We don't interview volunteers, we just chat with them to ensure they'd work well within STM!
Offer and setup
Finally, we'll offer you three different roles at STM, of which you can pick one or two. After you've done this, we will setup internal digital tools for you and get you setup on our systems, including a public page on our website. If you're creating a new subsidiary or working on a specific project, different steps will be taken. We'll also schedule your bi-weekly or monthly catch-up's with Harry Burr, Chief Executive or your direct report at this point.
What it's like

Sustainable Transport Midlands is an always-changing and active environment. Therefore, working with us as a volunteer is energetic and different to most other jobs and volunteer roles. You’ll work mostly from home, with occasional meetings that will require travel. STM are an innovative organisation – we’ll set you up with the appropriate software to allow you to carry out your roles properly.

We’re mostly made up of younger volunteers – for example, college and university students. However – we encourage people of all ages to join STM, to build a diverse and determined Sustainable Transport Midlands.

At the moment (early-2022), Sustainable Transport Midlands is a small organisation, but by 2023, we’d like to grow into the largest transport innovation group in the United Kingdom. By January 2023, we would’ve commissioned our own feasibility study, and by April 2023, we will have appointed a corporate sponsor, and as a result, started income generation. We plan to turn a profit for the first time in May 2023, with our 2023 closing balance being just below ¬£5,000.

As we’ve demonstrated above, we’re a changing organisation, and we’re only growing and expanding – we can’t wait, and we hope you join us on this very long but very exciting journey to ensure we grow as much as possible throughout the next two to three years.

We also take pride in our volunteer flexibility – you are your own calendar. Work when you need to and want to – nothing more, nothing less. Your direct report (the person above you, who we’d normally call your boss) has been taught and told by our cabinet to be flexible with you, including me, Harry Burr, the Chief Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands!


Sustainable Transport Midlands has split their different roles into seven different categories. As of November, we removed our different roles available for application – now, we ask the volunteer which sort of role they’d like to take at STM, to ensure their qualities suit STM and benefit both parties in the best way possible. Nonetheless, below, we’ve listed volunteer roles that we’re looking for and prioritising, but don’t necessarily need.

Cabinet Executives
Cabinet Executive's are the decision-makers within STM, and report to Chief Executive Harry Burr. They are members of the Executive Cabinet (the highest rank committee within STM) and are normally referred to for a job title as "Executive for..."
General Officers
General Officers are normally appointed by Cabinet Executives (and report to them). They carry out smaller sub-duties, such as press relations, web design, financial planning, report writing, marketing and data analysis. Secretaries and assistants to CE's also come under this role.
Advisors normally advise specific Cabinet Executives, Cabinet in general, Project Executives, or a Project in general. Role titles can vary depending on speciality or rank (see below).
Project Executives
Project Executives are those volunteers that run and manage our subsidiaries (projects and campaigns). When applying, you can either apply to become a project executive for one of our dormant projects, or give us your campaign idea and bring it to life through STM!
Project Leads
We're working on filling this description
Project Liaisons
We're working on filling this description
Project Representatives
We're working on filling this description
We're working on filling this description
Express interest
Express your interest
This step is the most important - making sure we know you're interested in a role with Sustainable Transport Midlands. To ensure we know, please fill out our "EoI, Expression of Interest" form. We don't ask much of you at the start, don't worry!
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