For this generation, by this generation


The best way to support Sustainable Transport Midlands is through volunteering, and joining our new, innovative and energetic team as a staff member. There are so many roles available, including non-transport positions.

Introducing our volunteering scheme

Thanks for considering volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands. It's the best way to support what we do, and we hope the collection of pages on this type of support will help you make your decision.

If you're ready to make an application for a vacancy right now, you can use the link below.

We recommend, before you make your decision, that you take a look around the Sustainable Transport Midlands website, and learn about how we're structured and our types of activities.


From meeting like-minded people, to experiencing new unique opportunities, there are so many benefits to volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands, no matter which position you apply for. Learn more by visiting our benefits page.


We pride ourselves on flexibility, to fit every sort of person that would like to volunteer with Sustainable Transport Midlands. Learn more about how we provide this flexibility to our team, including through timings and location, by visiting the Flexibility page.


We value the potential that students of all ages bring to this industry. From secondary school leavers, to college and university students, we believe in the young generation. This inspired our motto - For this generation, by this generation. Learn more about how we value and understand students in this section.

I'd like to apply!

If you're interested in getting straight into volunteering with us - take a look at some of our volunteer vacancies!