Who we are

An innovative and energetic team

We bring some of the brightest in the industry together to form a unique and innovative Sustainable Transport Midlands team. We've split this team into sections, which you'll be able to find out more about below.

Harry Burr

Harry Burr is the Sustainable Transport Midlands Chief Executive, aged just 15! He grew up in Canterbury, Kent, and moved to Northampton six years ago, when he noticed there was a real gap in sustainable transport infrastructure in the region.

Executive Cabinet

Executive Cabinet is chaired by Harry Burr, and is in charge of the general operations of Sustainable Transport Midlands. It's made up of a variety of "Cabinet Executives", and brings together everyone who makes vital decisions within Sustainable Transport Midlands.

General Officers

General Officers have more niche and small roles, and report to Cabinet Executives. For example, there could be a General Officer in charge of Volunteer Expenses.


Executive Scrutiny Committee is an independent Sustainable Transport Midlands committee, which is in charge of scrutinising actions and decisions made by the Executive Cabinet - essentially acting as a critical friend to STM.

Management Committees

Management Committees are how projects communicate with their teams. They are chaired by the Project Executive, and attendees are normally limited to Project Officers, which the PE appoints.

Stakeholder Committees

Central Stakeholder Committees (CSCs) lye underneath Management Committees, and are external committees made up of important stakeholders, responsible for operating a project. CSCs can also have a number of sub-committees.