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Sub-national Transport Bodies

South Midlands

England's Economic Heartland

EEH provide the South Midlands region’s voice on strategic infrastructure and services. Their leadership is focused on addressing barriers to realising the region’s potential.

  • EEH are the Sub-national Transport Body for the South Midlands region. Their overarching Transport Strategy will be a 30 year strategic vision for our transport system that puts the needs of businesses and individuals at the forefront of investment decisions
  • EEH’s work of wider strategic infrastructure is focused on making sure investment in transport, digital and utilities infrastructure is ‘joined up’
  • EEH’s work with their delivery partners is focused on identifying investment priorities, getting the funding secured and then delivering improvements to budget and on-time.

We work based on England’s Economic Heartland’s Reports, especially their Transport Strategy, on most of our projects and campaigns in the region they cover.

EEH operations map
West Midlands

Midland's Connect

Midlands Connect researches, develops and recommends transport projects which will provide the biggest possible economic and social benefits for the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

They are the Sub-national Transport Body for the West Midlands, and most of the East Midlands region. They also have a Transport Strategy.

They examine every option for improving major transport infrastructure in our region. The fundamental aim of these improvements is to transform regional and UK gateways, bringing the Midlands closer together and accelerating cost-effective improvements to unlock east-west connectivity that will enable the Midlands’ economies to work more effectively together.

Midlands Connect operations map
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