This is how we work.

We organise our work into projects

Projects act as subsidiaries of Sustainable Transport Midlands - they're the brand behind specific pieces of our work. They all have a Principal Sponsor and a Project Team lead by a Project Executive.

How projects work

Projects are made up of a number of different layers.

Projects operate within Sustainable Transport Midlands with two main committees. The first one up, the Management Committee, is chaired by the Project Executive, and reports back to the Chief Executive.

Underneath the Management Committee lies a Central Stakeholder Committee, made up of external stakeholders, and usually chaired by either the Principal Sponsor of a project, or the Project Executive.

What we're doing right now

Our projects

Daventry Transport Development Group
Daventry Transport Development Group

Daventry Transport Development Group is our project to improve Daventry's public transport offering. Our main effort at the moment is chairing a Stakeholder Committee who are working through the TAG process to deliver a link for Daventry.

How we develop projects

When we get an idea for a new project, we run it through what we call the Project Development Process, which is governed by our internal Project Development Strategy. This strategy includes everything a Shadow Project Executive needs to know about developing and launching a project.

By 2050

Projects we support

We also practically support a number of external projects, such as Welland Valley Rail. We store a public list of the projects we support with technical/practical help on the projects we support page.