Policy information:


For Daventry Parkway and other stations in West Northamptonshire please contact:

West Northamptonshire Council comms team 0300 126 7000
Northamptonshire Highways

Campaign information:

STM logo (coloured)

For all campaigns run by Sustainable Transport Midlands, including Daventry Parkway please contact:

Harry Burr 07950 668609
Sustainable Transport Midlands

Photos & videos

For access to images and videos relating to Sustainable Transport Midlands and Harry Burr, please contact Sustainable Transport Midlands' press centre on the contact details above. We have photos of station sites, Harry Burr, logos, and other stock photo images on file for use by the media.

Policy and transport strategy

For information about policy regarding transport, and more specifically, Daventry Parkway, contact our partners at West Northamptonshire Council on the details supplied above.

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