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The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association with its main projects initially in the Bedfordshire and surrounding regional areas but its remit has since increased since several of its projects have a nationwide positive benefit and impact. Membership is therefore open to all.

It firmly supports an Ampthill Station being put back on the railway map and sees Luton Airport-Ampthill (for CentreParcs) -Bedford-Northampton (including the university campus) by one Thameslink train, as informative of an arc and Luton-Northampton M1 end-to-end, offering a comprehensive joined-up rail alternative with no need to change, saving time and money.

Also Cambridge-Bedford-Northampton/Oxford could be possible freeing up capacity on the West Coast Main Line for passenger and freight workings. We need a renaissance in more freight by rail and de-cluttering our roads. This is best done by small projects which grow incrementally in a framework and industry which wants growth and is allowed by government. Scotland’s rail links have been progressively reopened and Wales is also seeing new lines like Ebbw Vale restored to a full passenger service after many years dormant. So why not the English regions? East-West Rail should be one of a top 10 per region, not a one-off for the whole of England!

We also campaign for an environmentally-friendly, integrated, comprehensive, inclusive and affordable transport system including buses, cycling and pedestrian facilities.

As an independent, voluntary association ERTA relies on a growing membership to help it pay the way, invest in its campaigning work and maintain a network of activists who seek to forward its goals. Members get regular newsletters keeping them abreast of progress, news and outlaying opportunities to get involved, engage and be actively playing a part to make the most of any opportunities which come its way.

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