Our partners

We work with organisations across the Midlands, in so many different sectors, to deliver our projects. From Universities and Local Authorities to Local Enterprise Partnerships and Train Operating Companies.

Introducing our partners.

It's important we follow standard protocols to work with stakeholders and projects. Therefore, in projects, we categorise partners. These rules do not apply to departmental relations with partners and stakeholders, which are controlled by our Group Communications and Group Executive departments.

Project partner categories
Principal Sponsor: Principal Sponsors are responsible for being the primary support for a project - normally co-chairing a Project Committee and providing financial support and investment.
Principal Stakeholders: Principal Stakeholders attend the Project Committee, supporting the Project Management Team and Principal Sponsor to further build the case for delivering the project.

What governs our relationship with partners in projects?
Our internal Projects Strategy governs our relationship with partners during the lifecycle of a project, including initial project development. Project Management Teams are responsible for managing stakeholder relationships alongside assistance and advice from Group Communications.

How do we work with partners in projects?

As do all corporations, Sustainable Transport Midlands also has corporate partners that support us on an organisation-wide level. Communications between these corporate partners are carried out by Group Communications or Group Executive departments. Currently, our primary corporate partner is University of Northampton.

Corporate partners.