Harry Burr

Harry Burr

Chief Executive (CEO)
Project Executive at Daventry Parkway Project

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Chief Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands/Executive Cabinet Department
Project Executive at Daventry Parkway Project

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Sustainable Transport Midlands Executive Committee
Executive Cabinet Department Chief Executive’s Advisory Board
Sustainable Transport Midlands New Projects Advisory Commission
STM+S Restructuring and Rebranding Advisory Commission
Daventry Parkway Project Management Committee

This member has the authority to attend any other committee meeting, even if they are not registered as a member.

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Director at Sustainable Transport Lutterworth Line CIC
Young Persons Ambassador at Rail Forum Midlands

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Harry Burr (15, born August 2006) is a British railway campaigner living in Northampton, East Midlands. At the start of his life, he was born in Margate, and lived in Canterbury, Kent, before moving to Northampton. In 2020, he started a not-for-profit called Sustainable Transport Midlands, which campaigns for better and more environmentally friendly transport in the Midlands and certain surrounding areas, after he realised something needs to be done about it.

Harry leads Sustainable Transport Midlands at the moment, which is the not-for-profit that operates projects such as Daventry Parkway Project within the East and West Midlands regions. He has mentioned his stress regarding his school-work balance before in the press, but stated in a quote that “I don’t think it’s affecting me mentally much, there are worse things I could be doing”.

He writes in his local village newsletter on a frequent basis to keep residents updated on his projects, as well as writing for national magazines on a frequent basis. At the moment, Harry is focussed on Daventry Parkway Project primarily, and he believes “When a station is built, people use it.”

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