Minor campaigns

What are our minor campaigns?

Minor campaigns are Sustainable Transport Midlands' projects and proposals that are smaller, therefore gain less of our priority. They can also include large--scale, but new proposals.


Abingdon Parkway Programme

Abingdon Parkway is a new minor campaign to convert Radley railway station on the Cherwell Valley Line to a new parkway station serving the town of Abingdon, a town with a population of 36,000, the largest in Oxfordshire without a railway station.


MK:Tram is our first minor campaign. The reason it's classified as a minor campaign is due to other organisations working on similar schemes within the area.

Walsall2Coldfield Project

Walsall2Coldfield Project is our first campaign within the West Midlands. The goal is to reopen the current freight-only line between Walsall and Water Orton, via Sutton Coldfield, introducing stations in places such as Alridge and Hardwick on the way.
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