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Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer
Thanks for considering becoming a volunteer with STM.

Welcome to our Volunteer Registration Centre, where you can find out more about becoming a volunteer, the benefits and experience you could gain, and the current roles we’re advertising, and who they’re for.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands?

Of course, the main benefit is experience. You’ll be volunteering with one of the most influential transport campaigning groups in the region, and we can support you no matter which path you’re going down or wish to go down, whether that’s starting your own campaign or running your own charity just like ours, or you’d like to know more about transport in general.

Another benefit is just the general fun of it! Being able to meet professionals in the industry and travel to places to experience some things you might never experience again. STM also without fail can give you something to do, and we offer full flexibility over where, when, and how you work.

What's different about STM?

Young people are our priority when it comes to volunteering. We’re led by Harry Burr, a 15 year-old transport campaigner, who’s Chief Executive at STM. He’s been featured in BBC News, Modern Railways, and local press/radio, and regional TV. He also is the project lead at Daventry Parkway Project, our largest rail-based programme.

We market our volunteer roles to mostly teenagers and young people as we feel as though they have the energy and passion to make a difference in the industry. So young people, join us and gain experience for your future, and work with others just like you in the same position.

Due to our passion for young people and teenagers, we offer full flexibility, whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you wish to work. Internal+ Hub gives you access to a wide variety of tools to help you work right from home, whenever we set you a task. Does our task not suit you? Just let us know, and we can sort it out!

Which roles are currently available?

We categorise our volunteer roles into 4 groups:

  • Executive roles: Those who manage a team underneath them, and are directly underneath the CEO in most cases. The executives form the STM Executive Committee. Most executives also run projects as project leads, and/or are locale executives.
  • Managerial roles: Those who lye underneath executives and support them in more exact matters, such as IT and PR. Some managers, depending on importance and experience, also lye on the Executive Committee. Most managers also run projects as project leads, and/or are locale executives.
  • Project roles: Those who take up a “Lead” position in one of our campaigns, such as Daventry Parkway Project. They also become a member of that project management committee. Most Project Leads report to their home Locale Executive.
  • Locale roles: Locale roles are our newest type of role. Locale executives run a locale group, which are on top of every project in that area. Responsibilities include managing major actions of projects underneath them, and reporting back to the Chief Executive. Most Project Leads report to a Locale Executive.

Below is a list of the volunteer roles we’re currently advertising, split into these four categories.

Executive roles
Managerial roles
Project roles
Abingdon Parkway Programme
Daventry Parkway Project
Kingsbury Station Project
MK:Tram Project
Locale roles (apply instantly) (A-Z)
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