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Governance Structure.

We have a unique structure for a transport innovation group - we are led by a Board of Directors, with the Executive Committee making major operational decisions with authorisation from Board.


Our structure. Where do we start.

At the start of it all is the Board of Directors - the primary committee within STM, whose purpose is to authorise major decisions made by executives within Sustainable Transport Midlands and carry out legal commitments required by Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs.

The Chief Executive Officer is a member of both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee - the latter of which holds a vast majority of operational responsibility within STM. Every department head (known as Executive Directors) attend EC meetings, as well as the three Regional Principals - more on this later.

Executive Directors operate their own departments. These directors are sometimes known by different names, such as General Counsel or Chief Marketing Officer, although this can vary by department. Regional Principals are a special case - they report directly to the Executive Director for Group Project Management although attending Executive Committee meetings.

The Chief Executive Officer heads up the Group Executive department - responsible for big-picture STM-related decisions, as well as representing the CEO and Board of Director's interests. Executive Directors and the Chief Executive Officer can appoint Specialists and Consultants to report directly to them and lie within their department. There are no limits on team staff counts.

Things are a little different for projects. Project Directors report to Regional Principals, and run projects as opposed to departments. As can Executive Directors and the CEO, they can appoint Specialists and Consultants.

Each staff member is allocated one of five 'grades':

  • Director - Board Directors and the Group Board Chairperson.
  • Central Level 1 - Executive Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Central Level 2 - Specialists, Consultants, Officers.
  • Project Level 1 - Project Directors
  • Project Level 2 - Project Specialists, Project Consultants, Project Officers.