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Harry Burr

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board Director

Harry Burr is CEO at Sustainable Transport Midlands, and also acts as a Board Director. He founded STM in 2020 as Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire, through a campaign aiming to introduce a new station in the county. He's led STM through major change, and now works in the transport sector full-time.

Harry grew up in Canterbury, South East, before moving to Northampton, East Midlands, where he now calls home. He has ambitions in the future to move back to the South East.

Harry writes in his local village newsletter on a frequent basis, initially to share his experience of living in a canal boat in Northampton Borough, but more recently, he writes to keep the community up-to-date on STM’s projects in West Northamptonshire.

Harry also acts as Young Persons Ambassador at the Rail Forum, the national industry body for the rail sector.

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