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Governance Departments.

Internally, our core operations are structured into departments or units. The Group Executive is the largest of our departments, with others including Group Project Development and Group Finance and Budgeting.


Operationally, in order to effectively manage resource, we split our team into departments. These departments are:

  • Group Engagement and Marketing
  • Group Executive
  • Group Finance and Budgeting
  • Group Information Services
  • Group People and Recruitment
  • Group Project Development

    Each of these departments are allocated statutory responsibilities and are delegated responsibility from the Group Executive - the department responsible for Group resource. Departments are headed up by Executive Directors at Central Level 1 grade - some of which commonly hold titles such as 'Chief Marketing Officer' or 'General Counsel'.

    Every staff member within STM lies within a department, including Board Directors who lie within Group Executive. The only ones which don't are project staff including Project Directors, who lie within projects instead. At the moment, Project Directors report straight to Regional Principals who are in Group Project Management.