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Governance The STM Board.

Our Board authorise decisions made by the Executive Committee and oversees and scruitinses decisions made throughout Sustainable Transport Midlands. Board members are appointed from throughout the transport sector.

Our Board of Directors are made up of Board Directors nominated from a variety of sources. One Board Director is also voted to become the Group Board Chairperson in line with our Articles of Association. The Board of Directors holds significant legal responsibilities - however, we have also allocated them operational responsibilities set out in their Scope document. Many of these are there to effectively authorise decisions of the Executive Committee:

  • scrutinising and approving Yearly Business Plans;
  • scrutinising and approving Network improvement Projects before they go to launch;
  • scrutinising active (progressing) projects and members of the Executive Committee generally; and
  • scrutinising and approving Executive Director appointments.

    The Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Transport Midlands is always a Board Director in order to hold the ability to brief Board from an Executive Committee point of view.

  • Our Board Directors

    Owen O'Neill
    Group Board Chairperson

    Owen O’Neill has been developing sustainable public transport projects - including two Restoring Your Railway applications - since 2020, and has a keen interest in improving public transport to provide high quality alternatives to the car, that provides us with a socially equitable path to net-zero.

    Harry Burr
    Chief Executive Officer
    Board Director

    Harry Burr is CEO at Sustainable Transport Midlands, and also acts as a Board Director. He founded STM in 2020 as Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire, through a campaign aiming to introduce a new station in the county. He's led STM through major change, and now works in the transport sector full-time.

    Gareth Dennis
    Board Director

    Gareth Dennis is a rail engineer and writer based in the North East of England. He hosts weekly #RailNatter live streams on YouTube his YouTube channel on Wednesdays, and also runs a popular Discord server. He makes regular appearances on TV and day-to-day, he works at Arcadis.

    George Marshall
    Consultant - Northern England
    Board Director

    George Marshall is an urban planning and real estate student at the University of Manchester. He has a keen interest in improving access to opportunities for people, placemaking and most of all good access to public transport, whether that be active travel, bus, tram or rail.

    John Tippett
    Project Director
    Board Director

    John Tippett has held Directorships throughout a long career in Sales primarily in the print sector. He has also held several roles in educational governance, is a local town Councillor and Chairs a Business Forum developing connections for businesses with local authorities and agencies.

    Xiaolu Chen
    Group Company Secretary

    Xiaolu Chen is a Fellow member of the ACCA in addition to having a strong education background, including a BSc and two MSc degrees with distinction from two UK top universities. Xiaolu has 14 years of experience in Accounting and Finance, including senior leadership roles such as Finance Director.