Structural Governance

Our Group Management Structure, and is controlled by Group Executive, with the CEO making the final decision on local restructurings within divisions and departments.

We have an effective and easy-to-understand operational structure. To make it clear, this structure is completely separate to our legal structure.​​​​​​​

At the top, there's the Chief Executive Officer, who reports straight into the Board of Directors (once again, explained on the Legal Definition page). Underneath the CEO, the structure starts to split.

How are we structured?

Staff can report into the Chief Executive Officer either by being a standard member of the Group Executive team, or by being a C-Suite staff member, who hold Chief Officer titles and lead STM Divisions.

Three different types of staff report to various members of the C-Suite:

  • Key Activity Directors - leading our various Key Activities across the sector.

  • Executive Director - leading STM's operational departments such as IT, HR and Marketing

  • Project Directors - leading our Transport Projects on behalf of the community.

These teams can make the final call on their own Management Structure, however, it's good practice for staff underneath Department Directors be 'Heads of Service', with senior staff underneath them, alongside standard and assistant staff underneath those.

This can vary by department and by project/activity.

Group Management Structure.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is attended by the C-Suite and Executive Directors, as well as other nominated staff. SLT makes all important decisions within Sustainable Transport Midlands, sometimes requiring approval from the Board of Directors.

Sustainable Transport Midlands run bi-weekly 'Operational Team Meetings' on every other Tuesday at 19:00 attended by every STM staff member.

Each division should run regular catchups with their team. As divisions, departments, activities and projects grow, natural Department/Project Management Teams will form. This is yet to really happen within STM, although it's just a matter of time.

Management committees and meetings.