The External Content Delivery Strategy (ECDS)

How we externally communicate

The External Content Delivery Strategy (ECDS)

Our External Content Delivery Strategy, or ECDS, governs how we communicate externally. From social media to the website, it covers every sort of external comms possible.

For this strategy to be deliverable, we need to appoint a team to manage our communications. Each external communication type shown below has an Executive Agent position attached to it.

STM Publications

As you may know, Sustainable Transport Midlands has introduced a new business unit - STM Publications. This business unit is responsible for all Sustainable Transport Midlands online-based blogs (or "Publications"), including STM Opinion, our volunteer-only public blog. We plan on expanding our number of blogs and Publications once we've appointed a new Publications and Blogs Executive Agent

Social media

Social media is vital for any organisation in this era. However, we haven't been taking advantage of it as much as we'd like to. As a result, we've created five new social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, and we plan to start regularly posting on them once we've appointed a new Social Media Executive Agent

Email newsletter

Sustainable Transport Midlands' email newsletter is continuing to grow in subscribers - however, we still aren't putting out any sort of regular newsletter. We'd like to change this, and introduce Weekly Operations Updates (WOUs) for Sustainable Transport Midlands as a whole, and eventually specific Weekly Project Updates for each STM network improvement project. We plan to start sending out WOUs once we've appointed a new Email Communications Executive Agent

The future

We're focussed in investing in our external communications. Therefore, the future is bright for us. We'd like to introduce more STM Publications, and a new Sustainable Transport Midlands podcast and regularly-updated YouTube channel in early-2024. There's no specific Executive Agent position being advertised for Transformation just yet, but if you're interested in supporting STM in other ways, please take a look at our vacancies. There might just be one perfect for you!