How we engage with our community


Learn more about the types of events we hold and how you can attend one.

Why do we hold events?

We find communicating with our local communities and stakeholders is essential to our project and campaign operations. That's why we host events upon request from the public, whenever possible.

What are your types of events?

We host three main “Event types”. These are:

  • One-on-one private meetings
  • Public stakeholder events
  • Private corporate events

Anyone can apply for any of these events to take place in their community or privately.

One-on-one private meetings
A one-on-one private meeting is when one or more of an organisation meet with an STM volunteer or employee to discuss anything from corporate matters to (more commonly) a campaign or project. These are our most common types of events.

Public stakeholder events
Public stakeholder events can be requested by a community group, resident, or local authority/Government entity. This is when we introduce a campaign or project to a large number of, normally residents in a public place where everyone can listen to what we do. These can happen in town or village halls, schools (these are normally semi-private), and more.

Private corporate events
These events take place for local companies or educational institutions. These can only be attended normally by people such as employees, customers, students, parents, and staff, for example. Sometimes, we request these to make requests for investment from private sources, but normally they are requested.

How do I attend a public session?

If you’d like to attend a public stakeholder event, you’ll need to visit our “Current events” page, where we list public events, and private events (with a list of those who can attend)

How do I request a meeting or event?

If you’d like to request one of our three event types, please visit the corresponding page from below:

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