Daventry Transport Development Group

Our goal is to significantly improve Daventry's public transport offering.

Daventry Transport Development Group is a project to improve Daventry's public transport offering. Our main effort at the moment is chairing a Stakeholder Committee who are working through the TAG process to deliver a link for Daventry.

The plan for Daventry

We've decided to try again with our concept to reconnect Daventry. It was clear Daventry Parkway wasn't the way forward for the town, so we're leading on a new Stakeholder Committee, who will decide on a number of ways Daventry's network can be improved, which will then be fed into a professional business case.

The plan for us

Once this committee has decided on a number main concepts to take forward, we will make these publicly known and revamp this website, and continue to lead on the effort with West Northamptonshire Council to finance a study into the programme and follow the standard Transport Appraisal Guidance set out by the DfT.