Daventry Transport Development Group

Improving Daventry's Public Transport Connectivity

What we do.

We are Daventry Transport Development Group – and we’re promoting change. We are a group of local and regional stakeholders who are doing all we can to improve Daventry’s public transport connectivity, by publishing a number of options for improvement and sifting through them using Government processes.

Who we work with.

"We will be doing everything we can in the background working with partners to lobby central government and Network Rail to make this and other opportunities a reality."

- Cllr Phil Larratt, West Northamptonshire Council


“Daventry Transport Development Group” grew out of the need identified by local resident Harry Burr (the founder and CEO of Sustainable Transport Midlands), which is that Daventry and the villages surrounding it have poor access to public transport. This was particularly apparent to Harry having recently moved to the area from the South East where accessibility to public transport is much higher.

The first iteration considered a heavy rail station located near Weedon. While assembling and considering the background evidence for the demand and deliverability of this option it became apparent that there were a broader set of transport needs and mechanisms for delivery that were worthy of consideration. This document summarises the strategic national policy objectives that need to be considered when developing sustainable local transport options. We then highlight current county and regional policy on the subject, and then present high level technical options that could deliver these policy objectives as a starting point for consideration and refinement by the committee.

The key strategic spatial issue we aim to improve in West Northamptonshire, is the poor public transport connectivity experienced by Daventry (its sole sub-regional centre). While the significant population centres of Towcester and Brackley are identified in policy as rural service centres, hence their public transport connectivity needs are a tier below the needs of the sub-regional centre.

The relative importance of connecting Daventry to the public transport network in general, versus the quality of its connection to Northampton as West Northamptonshire’s primary hub and a major national centre will need to be evaluated. The options presented differ in the balance of these requirements that they satisfy.

Daventry is one of the largest towns in the country without a nearby rail connection, meaning reliance on undependable buses is the only way to get around without a car to key regional economic centres, such as Coventry, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and London.

Committee Members.

Harry Burr - Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Transport Midlands

William Barter - Assistant Cabinet Member for Rail, West Northamptonshire Council

John Tippett - Company Secretary and acting Project Director, Sustainable Transport Midlands

Deborah Jewell - Chief Officer, Daventry Town Council

Phil Larratt - Cabinet Member for Transport, West Northamptonshire Council

James Povey - Transport Development Manager, West Northamptonshire Council

Drew Winslow - Daventry resident (independent member)

Fiona Thomas - Deputy Chair, Weedon Bec Parish Council

Phillip Silk-Neilsen - Councillor, Daventry Town Council