Our concepts

What are our concepts?

Our concepts aren't campaigns, but instead ideas that other people can turn into campaigns, or local councils can use as food for thought.

We don't just cover our operating area with concepts, but instead, the entirety of the UK. Our concepts are categorised into local authority areas, including district, unitary, and borough councils.

Anyone, with permission from us, can either take a campaign on and start operations, or, with our assistance, start the campaign within Sustainable Transport Midlands, as a "Major" or "Minor" campaign, and appoint a management committee.

To start, just type your local authority/local council (district, borough, or unitary - not your county council) to read about our ideas for your area, and if you like, take action.

Search your local authority...

This system and feature is currently being built. The only local authorities currently available to view content are the following:

- Cornwall Council

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