About Sustainable Transport Midlands

For this generation, by this generation

We are Sustainable Transport Midlands

A transport innovation and improvement not-for-profit: for this generation, by this generation. From Grimsby to Gloucester and Cambridge to Crewe, we work with authorities and the transport sector within our Midlands operating area, to solve local and regional challenges, and ensure investment is prioritised in sustainable public transport.

What we do

We work with Local Authorities and the industry to ensure investment in public transport is prioritised.

We do this by running projects in partnership with stakeholders or interested parties, which are led by volunteers within Sustainable Transport Midlands.

We're always growing.

Sustainable Transport Midlands has a vision to continue growing and become the largest transport innovation group in the UK.


Team members


Operational and developing projects

Our operating region

We don't just operate in the Midlands - but the borders too. We've split our "Operating Region" into four distinct "Connectivity Groups" based on their links to each other. These are the South Midlands, North Midlands, East Midlands and West Midlands.

By 2050

Our network vision

We have a vision for our transport network by 2050 - and it's not a joke. We've developed more than 20 policies that we think Government should follow to ensure we can live a green and sustainable future.

Volunteer with us

We're looking for people to join our team!

If you're interested in supporting a green transport future for our nation, then please consider volunteering with us.