We are terminating West Northants Link

We are terminating West Northants Link

West Northants Link has been with Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire – and now Sustainable Transport Midlands – since the beginning of our existence. It really is a shame that I have to make this announcement, but West Northants Link will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

Why is this, you may be asking? West Northants Link is old, and it doesn’t meet the expectations of our local population, including the alignment. This is the main issue, the alignment is too ambitious and expensive, and is full of other problems that will take months to solve.

Instead of improving our current alignment, we’ve chosen to terminate the project and prioritise Daventry Parkway Project fully for the next few months and possible the next year.

If/when West Northants Link returns, we will come back with a great alignment, and a great new mission, with a team behind us to help us throughout our mission.

Thank you for your support during our campaign, and I look forward to meeting you on the other side of this announcement.

Harry Burr, Chief Executive

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