We have ended our limited operations period early.

We have ended our limited operations period early.

Hi everyone. I’m Harry Burr, chief executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands. I’ve made the decision to end our limited operations period 1 week early to make way for some change, and some important events in our calendar.

Sustainable Transport Midlands has a lot of things to work on, and a limited operations period is getting in the way of completing these objectives. This is why I’ve chosen to end the period early; to ensure we can continue our operations without missing anything important on the way. So, what is coming up on STM’s journey?

  • A new report will be published shortly on a new strategy for Sustainable Transport Midlands’ campaigning operations. It’s publish zone is throughout August.
  • In the meantime, STM have important meetings taking place with West Northamptonshire Council, East West Rail, and Network Rail to discuss our three proposals; Daventry Parkway Project, West Northants Link, and East West Northampton.
  • We’re aiming to push Daventry Shuttle a lot more, as many people aren’t aware of the scheme. It’s a concept for an 8 mile shuttle line running between Daventry Gateway and the new Daventry Parkway station in Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire. It’ll run on Very Light Rail technology, and Daventry Parkway Project executives plan to visit the factory where this rolling stock is being manufactured in the coming months.
  • New campaigns are being worked on day and night internally to roll out throughout late 2021 and early 2022. These include new shuttle lines, new railway stations, and a brand new link for North Northamptonshire.
  • We’d like to bring on some new volunteer members of our campaign teams and executive teams within Sustainable Transport Midlands. At the moment, we’re pushing for people to take up set roles in Daventry Parkway Project, West Northants Link, and East West Northampton primarily, as well as STM centrally. If you’re interested, please do apply on Internal+

If you’re interested in future developments within Sustainable Transport Midlands, please do join our newsletter to keep up to date with our journey. If you’d like to help us even more, please consider becoming a volunteer by visiting Internal+

Thanks for reading, and stay safe,

Harry Burr – Chief Executive.

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