Simplifying our organisation

Simplifying our organisation

Today, I’m making a handful of announcements in an effort to simplify Sustainable Transport Midlands’ operations, to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible, in many different perspectives. I’m Harry Burr, chief executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands.

Abolishing “Internal Departments” We announced our “Internal Departments” scheme in early 2021, and although it’s helped Sustainable Transport Midlands be more organised, it hasn’t helped us be more of a streamlined organisation, which is why from today, we will begin the dissolution of our departments. All the operations of our departments will move centrally to Sustainable Transport Midlands instead. However, exceptions such as the following, apply.

  • Sustainable Transport Digital Service will remain in operation, as simply a brand name of Sustainable Transport Midlands.
  • Sustainable Transport 2021 Restructuring Commission and Executive will remain in an internal-only form, with a goal to complete the Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire > Midlands rebranding process.

We aim for all internal departments to be dissolved by this Monday, obviously excluding the exemptions I have listed above.

Brand changes We will be making some changes to our brand and sub-brands over the next few days, to ensure it’s as streamlined as possible. Changes include:

  • Reviewing the design of our sub-brands. These include Weedon Station Project, Mini-projects, and South Northants Link.
  • Publishing a new, simplified Design System, that will ensure that our digital and design system is followed across all of our online and physical presences.

Digital Service changes We will also be reviewing our Digital Service structure we currently operate. This includes how we distribute files to the public and throughout our organisation, including PDF links, and the structure and design of our documents. Information regarding the specifics of what we will review will be published in the coming days and weeks.

This isn’t all. We are making smaller, less impactful changes across Sustainable Transport Midlands too, that you may be able to notice across our web presences in the next few days, weeks, and months.

Thank you for reading.

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