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We are Sustainable Transport Midlands

A transport innovation and improvement not-for-profit: for this generation, by this generation. From Grimsby to Gloucester and Cambridge to Crewe, we work with authorities and the transport sector within the East and West Midlands, as well as some bordering areas, while being based in Northampton.

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Sustainable Transport Midlands are looking for people with ideas and enthusiasm. Be part of our new, innovative and energetic team.

We are Sustainable Transport Midlands. A transport charity from this generation.

We are Sustainable Transport Midlands, a not-for-profit transport group based in Northampton. We work with organisations across the region to ensure sustainable transport investment is being prioritised.

Our projects and campaigns

Some of the projects Sustainable Transport Midlands are leading.

Meet Harry Burr

I’m Harry Burr, a 15 year-old railway campaigner, living in Northampton. At the start of my life, I lived in Canterbury, Kent, before moving to Northampton. In 2020, I started a not-for-profit called Sustainable Transport Midlands, which campaigns for better and more environmentally friendly transport in the East and West Midlands, and the surrounding areas. I'm now Project Executive at Daventry Rail Programme, and Chief Executive at Sustainable Transport Midlands.

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