We are Sustainable Transport Midlands

We help connect lost communities reduce the north-south divide solve strategic problems reduce carbon emissions promote prosperity improve lives integrate transport .

A transport innovation and improvement not-for-profit: for this generation, by this generation. From Grimsby to Gloucester and Cambridge to Crewe, we work with authorities and the transport sector within our Midlands operating area, to solve local and regional challenges, and ensure investment is prioritised in sustainable public transport.

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Operating Region (BLUE)

We are Sustainable Transport Midlands.

A transport innovation group for this generation, by this generation

We are Sustainable Transport Midlands, a not-for-profit transport innovation group based in Northampton, operated for this generation, by this generation. We work with organisations across the region to ensure sustainable transport investment is being prioritised.

Our projects

Some of the projects Sustainable Transport Midlands are leading on.

Daventry Transport Development Group
Daventry Transport Development Group

Project Executive: Harry Burr
Principal Sponsor: West Northamptonshire Council

Daventry Transport Development Group is our project to improve Daventry's public transport offering. Our main effort at the moment is chairing a Stakeholder Committee who are working through the TAG process to deliver a link for Daventry.

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Volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands is the best way to support what we do. From running a project to joining our executive, and supporting us in the legal department, or developing new websites, there’s a position for everyone in this diverse not-for-profit.


We have a vision for our transport network by 2050. We've developed more than 20 policies which we think Government should follow in England to ensure we can live a green and sustainable future.

Harry Burr

Harry Burr is the Sustainable Transport Midlands Chief Executive, aged just 16! He grew up in Canterbury, Kent, and moved to Northampton six years ago, when he noticed there was a real gap in sustainable transport infrastructure in the region.

STM Opinion

STM Opinion is the blog for our volunteers. Here, you can learn more about what our volunteers think of current events that affect the transport sector, our ongoing and developing projects, and more.


Northampton’s regional predicament

Northampton is in, let’s say, an awkward location. Most people will classify it as in the East Midlands, and they’d be right. According to the Office for National Statistics, West and North Northamptonshire are in the East Midlands region. But

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